Museo del Orinal

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Ciudad Rodrigo , Spain
Plaza Herrasti
+34 952 38 20 87
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adult/child under 12yr €2/free
Opening hours
11am-2pm & 4-7pm Mon-Sat, 11am-2pm Sun
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Chamber pots, commodes, bed pans… Ciudad Rodrigo’s Museo del Orinal may be located opposite the cathedral, but its theme is definitely more down-to-earth than otherworldly. This city is home to Spain’s (possibly the world’s) only museum dedicated to the not-so-humble chamber pot (or potty, as it is known in the UK). The private collection of former local resident José Maria del Arco, the collection comprises a staggering 1300 exhibits. Hailing from 27 countries, there are some truly historic pieces here.

Highlights include a 12th-century Islamic version from Cordoba and some wonderful one-offs, like a 19th-century French chamber pot shaped like a bra and a Chinese example with a narrow opening, apparently used on rice boats. José Maria’s wife is from Wales so, unsurprisingly, there are a considerable number of UK potties here, including beautifully painted Victorian ceramic pieces and the more rustic wooden-seated style. (Ironically, there are no public toilets at the Museo del Orinal, so if you find you need to tinkle, you'll have to go elsewhere.)