Banys Àrabs

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Girona , Spain
Carrer de Ferràn el Catòlic
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adult/child €2/1
Opening hours
10am-7pm Mon-Sat, to 2pm Sun Apr-Sep, 10am-2pm daily Oct-Mar
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Although modelled on earlier Muslim and Roman bathhouses, the Banys Àrabs are a finely preserved, 12th-century Christian affair in Romanesque style. This is the only public bathhouse discovered from medieval Christian Spain, where, in reaction to the Muslim obsession with water and cleanliness, washing almost came to be regarded as ungodly. The baths contain an apodyterium (changing room), followed by a frigidarium and tepidarium (with respectively cold and warm water) and a caldarium (a kind of sauna) heated by an underfloor furnace.