Where to go in September


Planning your September vacation? Check out these suggestions from Lonely Planet Magazine:

The Amazon

Visions of intrepid explorers hacking their way through the proliferate Amazon jungle, finding lost tribes among the tropical plantlife, are de rigueur for the more adventurous traveller. Head for the region's best ecotourism option, the Mamirauá Reserve, where you can sail through the partially flooded forest or trek on foot. Lower water levels at this time of year mean fewer mosquitos.


Try an early autumn Barcelona city break rather than a summer stay. The weather remains fine, the street cafes are still buzzing, but you won't have to queue for hours to see the Gaudí sights. Make sure you visit the restaurants and parks of the Born district, Barcelona's Notting Hill, for an insight into the everyday life of the city that visitors rarely see.


Image by Tambako the Jaguar 

Croatia is firmly on the tourist map - you can't move for visitors in summer - but wait a month and places like Dugi Otok island become tranquil havens. You could get the Adriatic, beaches and Roman architecture to yourself.


Taking a tour through the vineyards of the West Coast at harvest time is a great way to see the US at its most relaxed. The small but perfectly-formed vineyards in Santa Barbara and Paso Robles are the jewels in the crown.

Where to avoid: The Caribbean

The word 'paradise' gets bandied about a lot in tourism circles, and few places get that description applied to them more than the Caribbean.  But there's always a price to pay for living in heaven on earth, in this case cyclones - a whole month of the vicious things.