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South Korea
+82 31 251 4435
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adult/child/teenager W1500/700/1000
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Haenggung was a temporary palace built by King Jeongjo, who stayed here on his visits to his father’s grave. Jeongjo’s father, Prince Sado (1735–62), the victim of court intrigues, was suffocated in a rice chest on the orders of his father. Courtyard follows courtyard inside the large, walled palace. One hall depicts the 60th birthday party of King Jeongjo’s mother, while another features a popular TV drama, Daejanggeum, which was partly filmed here. On the weekends you can dress up in old costumes, and make pots and paper flowers (all W2000). Beyond the furnished royal apartments are the rooms where the eunuchs lived and worked. On the right is Hwaryeongjeon, where King Jeongjo’s portrait is enshrined. On the new plaza is the Information Centre & Museum (admission free; open 9am-6pm), spread over three floors. The DVD show has an English-language button.