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Getting around

Bus & tram

Bus & taxi

Buses (W900) and taxis leave from outside Dong-Incheon and Incheon subway stations.

To get to Songdo, hop on bus 6, 9 or 16, or take a taxi (W5000).

To Wolmido, it’s a 20-minute walk from Incheon subway station or a W2200 taxi ride. To get to Yeonan Pier, take bus 12, 24 or 28, or hail a taxi (W5000).

For the International Ferry Terminal 2, take bus 23 or a taxi (W1900). If you go to the wrong ferry terminal, a taxi between the two costs W5000.

Bus 306 goes to Yeongjongdo (W3600, every 20 minutes), the airport island, where Yeongjongdo market and Eulwangni Beach are worth a visit.

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Local transport


Incheon has one subway line, running in a north–south direction. It intersects with the KNR line at Bupyeong station, where there is Lotte Mart, an underground shopping arcade, a budget food court, cinemas and a cluster of older-style yeogwan. If you arrive at Incheon bus terminal, you can walk down to the subway station. The basic subway fare is W800 and Seoul subway cards can be used on the Incheon line.

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