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Getting there & around

Ferries (1544 1114; adult/child W9200/4600) run from Daecheon harbour to Sapsido at 7.30am, 12.50pm and 4pm. They take an hour but can take longer if the ferry visits other islands first. At low tide the ferry goes to Bamseom jetty in the south, but at high tide it goes to Sulttung jetty in the north. The island has no buses, but someone might give you a lift or else it’s a 40-minute walk from one end of the island to the other.

A ferry returns to Daecheon harbour at 5.30pm (check which jetty it leaves from!). Or you can catch the 8.10am ferry the next day to Yeongmukdang on the tip of Anmyeondo. Other ferries from Daecheon harbour run to Manmyeondo, Oeyeondo, Hojado and Wonsando (all adult W4200, child W2100) if you want to explore where few – if any –foreigners have ever ventured.

Buses for Daecheon beach all continue to the harbour.