Augrabies Falls National Park

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The Khoe-San people called it ‘Aukoerbis’, meaning place of great noise. And when the waterfall for which this park is named is fat with rainy-season run-off, its thunderous roar is nothing short of spectacular. You won’t find any big predators here, but this is the world’s sixth-tallest waterfall. Set in a rocky mosaic around an 18km ravine through which the Senqu (Orange) River flows, the most interesting facet of Augrabies Falls is the fascinating desert/riverine ecosystems.

The ravine was created around 500 million years ago when a scar in the underlying granite caused the river to chisel a deep abyss with several impressive cataracts. The main falls drop 56m, while the Bridal Veil Falls on the northern side drop 75m. The park has a harsh climate, with an average rainfall of only 107mm and daytime summer temperatures that often reach 40°C. The flora includes kokerboom aloes, the Namakwa fig, several varieties of thorn tree and succulents. The park has 47 species of mammal, including a number of antelope species.