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!Khwa Ttu , South Africa
Rte 27
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Don’t miss a visit to the very special !Khwa ttu off Rte 27 just south of Yzerfontein, 70km from Cape Town. Billed as the San Culture & Education Centre, !Khwa ttu is a joint venture by the San people and a Swiss philanthropic foundation (Ubuntu) and is the only San-owned and operated culture centre in the Western Cape.

Set within the ancestral lands of the San, !Khwa ttu is based on an 850-hectare nature reserve. There’s a good restaurant serving traditional South African cuisine and a wonderful craft shop. All the buildings operate on solar power, and a crèche has been built for the workers’ children. The land itself is sandveld , rising to renosterveld on the eastern hills, and teems with various antelopes, zebras and ostriches. Tours with guide Andries Thys involve a nature walk, a wildlife drive and learning about San culture.

You can stay on the reserve in well-equipped self-catering accommodation.

In the reserve, we met Kristoff and Anita from Germany who raved about the centre and its good footpaths. ‘It’s a mixture of nature and culture’, they said. They said the best place is the shelter on the hilltop – go there for the sunset.