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Around West New Georgia/Solomon Islands

Introducing Around West New Georgia

Fancy a dip? Head to the 10m Holupuru Falls, east of Munda. If you’ve got itchy feet, you can hike up Mt Bau, about 9km inland. You’ll need a guide to show you the way (ask at Agnes Lodge).

In Baeroko Bay you’ll see the Casi Maru, a sunken Japanese freighter near the shore (and a dive site). Its rusty masts protrude from the water. It was bombed as its crane was loading cargo on to an adjacent barge. Enoghae, at the jutting northern lip of the bay, has several large Japanese WWII anti-aircraft guns still hidden in the scrub.

Skull Island, on Vonavona Lagoon, is the final resting place for the skulls of countless vanquished warriors, as well as a shrine for the skulls of Rendovan chiefs.

On Kohinggo Island, there is a wrecked US Sherman tank on the northern shore. It was lost in action in September 1943 when US marines overran a Japanese strongpoint.