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Solomon Islands

Climate & when to go

From late May until early December (the dry season) southeasterly winds produce pleasantly mild weather. Rainfall is light and rain periods are usually several days apart.

From mid-December to mid-May, monsoon winds come from the west or northwest bringing the wet season - a time of higher temperatures, humidity and rainfall. Short, sharp, torrential rains are followed by bright sunshine. Honiara's annual rainfall is about 215mm, which is drier than most of the rest of the country. Some areas, such as Guadalcanal's south coast, receive as much as 12.5m of rain! Cyclones can blow up between January and April.

Daytime coastal temperatures vary through the year from 27°C to 32°C. At night the temperature falls to around 19°C. The humidity can be oppressive and is highest in the morning, regularly reaching 90%.

The most comfortable time to visit the Solomons is between June and September, although humidity levels are lowest from October to December. The surfing season is from October to April.