Lake Te'Nggano

Lake Te'Nggano information

Solomon Islands
Rennell Island, Rennell & Bellona Province
Getting there
Plane: from Honiara, then 4WD
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At 130 sq km, Lake Te'Nggano, in the southeast of Rennell, is the South Pacific's largest expanse of fresh water. The lake is the old lagoon floor and the tall cliffs that surround it are the old reef. Its western end has 200-odd coral islets and swamps. Four villages lie along the shore, including Te'Nggano, the subprovincial headquarters.

Several bird species are endemic to Rennell, including the Rennell fantail and the rare Rennell white spoonbill. There are at least eight subspecies that have been identified. Dawn and dusk see great flocks of frigate birds, cormorants and boobies circling over Lake Te'Nggano. The unique Rennellese orchid is also beautiful.

Despite the attractions of Lake Te'Nggano, Rennell remains a remote and poorly serviced backwater where travel can be difficult and expensive so be sure to prepare well before you visit.