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Solomon Islands

Money & costs




There are only two ATMs in the country: at Honiara's ANZ and Westpac bank branches.

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Credit cards

The main tourist-oriented businesses accept credit cards, but elsewhere it's strictly cash. Westpac and ANZ banks give cash advances on credit cards; NBSI does not.

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The National Bank of the Solomon Islands (NBSI), Westpac and ANZ will change money in most major currencies. The NBSI has a network of branches and agencies around the country; only the branches will change travellers cheques.

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There's a 10% government tax on hotel and restaurant prices, but more basic places often don't charge it.

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Travellers cheques

Stick to the name brands: Visa, Amex and Thomas Cook. Travellers cheques in Australian dollars can be readily exchanged at hotel desks and even some businesses.

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