Langa Langa Lagoon

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Scene: Langa Langa Lagoon at dusk. Close up: you're sipping a glass of bush lime on your private terrace at Serah's Lagoon Hideaway, while a small fleet of traditional canoes is gliding past on the calm waters just in front of your bungalow. Soundtrack: hauntingly beautiful chants resonate from nearby villages. Paradise.

This is undisputedly one of Malaita's highlights. Extending from seven to 32km south of Auki, the lagoon is famous for its artificial islands, particularly Laulasi, Alite and Busu. Langa Langa Lagoon is a strong centre for traditional activities, especially shell-money making. It's also renowned for shipbuilding. The only thing that might mar the experience is occasional dynamite fishing in the lagoon.

One proviso: if you expect Bora Bora-esque lagoons, you'll leave disappointed. Waters are more chocolate than bright turquoise, and you won't find stunning beaches to sun yourself on. You come here for the laid-back tempo. And the magical setting.