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Getting there & around

Buses depart hourly for Maribor (€3.50, 40 minutes, 27km), Majšperk (€2.20, 30 minutes, 14km) and Ormož (€3.50, 40 minutes, 26km), but count on only about half a dozen departing on Saturday and far fewer (or none) on Sunday. Other destinations and their frequencies include: Rogaška Slatina (€5.80, one hour, 53km, 7.58am) via Majšperk and Radenci (€7, two hours, 75km, 3.45pm).

Two buses a week head for Stuttgart (€74, 11½ hours, 704km, 2.14am Monday and Friday) via Munich in Germany. There’s one bus once a day to Varaždin and Zagreb (€8.75, 1½ hours, 97km, 8am Monday and Friday) and another just to Varaždin (€5.50, 1½ hours, 49km, 5.05pm Sunday).

You can reach Ptuj up to six times a day by train from Ljubljana (€7.30 to €12, 2½ hours, 155km) direct or via Zidani Most and Pragersko. Up to nine trains go to Maribor (€2.65 to €4, 45 minutes, 37km). Four trains a day head for Murska Sobota (€4.50 to €6, 1¼ hours, 61km) via Ormož.

Book a taxi on 031-842 227 or 041-798 788.