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Getting there & away




You can reach virtually any large town in Slovenia (and destinations in Austria, Croatia and even Germany) from Maribor. The bus station is huge, with 30 bays, as well as a few shops, bars and cafés.

Bus services are frequent to Celje (€5.80, 1½ hours, 55km, three to 10 daily), Dravograd (€6.50, two hours, 61km, six to 10 daily), Lendava (€10, three hours, 111km, one to three daily), Murska Sobota (€6.20, 1½ hours, 60km, seven to 12 daily), Ptuj (€3.50, 45 minutes, 27km, hourly) and Radenci (€5.50, one hour, 48km, hourly). For Ljubljana (€11.20, three hours, 127km) there are up to eight buses weekdays, five on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Other destinations include Gornji Grad (€9.30, three hours, 101km, one daily), Rogaška Slatina (€7, two hours, 75km, two daily Monday to Friday) and Slovenj Gradec (€7, two hours, 71km, three daily).

For destinations in Croatia expect two buses daily from to Varaždin and Zagreb (€10.75, two hours, 119km, 5.35pm Monday and 7pm Friday). There are daily buses from Maribor to Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt (€78, 12½ hours, 778km, 6.50pm and 9.50pm daily) and another at 8.12am Saturday.


Avis (228 79 10; www.avis.si; Partizanska cesta 24; 9am-5pm Mon-Fri) This central car-rental agency is opposite the train station. It has cars with unlimited kilometres and all insurance and taxes for €48/252 per day/week.


From Ljubljana (156km), you can reach Maribor on the ICS express service (€12.40, 1¾ hours, five trains daily), or any of 20 or so slower trains (€7.30, 2½ hours). About half a dozen trains a day, originating in Maribor, go east through Pragersko to Ormož (€3.90 to €6, 1¼ hours, 59km, hourly), from where you can make your way into Croatia. Connections can be made at Ormož for trains to Murska Sobota (€4, one hour, 39km).

Three daily trains head west for Dravograd (€4.50, 1½ hours, 64km) and other stops in Koroška. These trains cross the Austrian border at Holmec, and one carries on to Klagenfurt (Celovec) on weekdays. There are also services from Maribor to Zagreb (€12, three hours, 119km, up to nine daily), Vienna (€38, 3½ hours, 257km, four daily), Belgrade (€44.30, 8½ hours, 518km, four daily), and Venice (€25, eight hours, 375km, three daily).

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