Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum

Lonely Planet review

Located in the lovely 19th-century Gabrielli Palace on the waterfront, this museum's focus is the sea, sailing and salt-making – three things that have been crucial to Piran’s development over the centuries. There are some old photographs showing salt workers going about their duties in coolie-like straw hats, as well as a wind-powered salt pump and little wooden weights in the form of circles and diamonds that were used to weigh salt during the Venetian Republic. The 2000-year-old Roman amphorae beneath the glass floor here are impressive.

The antique model ships upstairs are very fine; other rooms are filled with old figureheads and weapons, including some lethal-looking blunderbusses. The folk paintings are offerings placed by sailors on the altar of the pilgrimage church at Strunjan for protection against shipwreck.