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Getting there & around

Buses run between Cerknica and Ljubljana (€5.50, one hour, 49km, six to eight a day) and Postojna (€3, 30 minutes, 24km, four on schooldays). In addition about half a dozen go to Rakek (€1.70, 10 minutes, 8km) and Stari Trg pri Ložu (€6.50, 1½ hours, 64km). Three buses a day cross the Croatian border to Previd (€3.50, one hour, 30km) at 5.17am, 6.22am and 3.37pm.

Rakek, about 8km northwest of Cerknica, is on the rail line that connects Ljubljana with Sežana. About 10 trains a day to and from the capital stop at Rakek (€3.90 to €5.30, one hour, 55km). Heading south, all stop at Postojna (€1.50, 15 minutes, 12km) and Pivka, but only about half continue on to Divača (€3.30, 50 minutes, 49km) and Sežana.

The Hotel Rakov Škocjan rents bicycles for €2/4.50/15 per hour/day/week.