Celje Regional Museum

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Celje , Slovenia
+386 3 428 09 50
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adult/child/student €3/1/2
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10am-6pm Tue-Sun Mar-Oct, 10am-6pm Tue-Fri, 10am-noon Sat Nov-Feb
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In the 16th-century County Hall , this museum is devoted to Celeia and the Counts of Celje, even exhibiting 18 of the nobles' skulls in glass cases. The museum has a dozen rooms, many of them done up in styles from different periods (eg baroque, neoclassical, Biedemeier, Secessionist), but its main attraction is the quite astonishing Celje Ceiling (Celjski Strop), an enormous trompe l'oeil painting in the main hall, of columns, towers, angels frolicking skyward, noblemen and ladies looking down at you looking up. Completed in about 1600 by a Polish artist, the mural was meant to lift the ceiling up to the sky, and it does just that. Other panels represent the four seasons and show scenes from Roman and Greek mythology.

The impressive Knežji dvorec annexe in the 14th-century lower castle on Trg Celjskih Knezov offers an archaeological history of Celje in one building: its cellars house a complete 3rd-century Roman road brilliantly displayed with excavated statuary and frescoes and parts of the old city walls. On top of these are traces of the medieval buildings up to parts of air-raid shelters built to withstand the bombs of WWII.