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Slovenský Raj

Getting there & around

You may want to consider springing for a car in Košice; connections aren’t great. A few buses run directly from Poprad to Dedinky (53Sk, 1¼ hours, three daily) and to Hrabušice (25Sk, 40 minutes, five on weekdays, one on weekends). Other than that, Spišska Nová Ves is the main transfer point for the Slovenský raj region; most buses go in the morning. There’s a bus service to/from Poprad (40Sk, 45 minutes, eight daily), Levoča (18Sk, 20 minutes, every half hour) and Košice (117Sk, two to three hours, two daily).

From Spišska Nová Ves, two buses a day run to Hrabušice (22Sk, 35 minutes), two to the trailheads of Čingov (10Sk, 12 minutes) and three to Dedinky (53Sk, one hour).