Slovenský Raj National Park

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admission Jul & Aug €1, Sep-Jun free
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The national park has numerous trails that include one-way roklina (gorge) sections and take at least half a day. Slovenský Raj is most famous for its sometimes hair-raising ladder-and-chain ascents – paths where you're clinging to a waterfall-splashed rock face on creaky metal supports.

From Čingov a green trail leads up Hornád River Gorge an hour to Tomašovský výhľad , a rocky outcropping and overlook that is a good short-hike destination. Or continue to the green, one-way, technically aided Kláštorisko Gorge trail, allowing at least eight hours for the circuit. You can also reach the Kláštorisko Gorge ascent from Podlesok (six hours). There is accommodation available at Kláštorisko Chata .

Another excellent alternative from Podlesok is to hike on the six- to seven-hour circuit up the dramatic, ladder and technical-assist Suchá Belá Gorge , then east to Kláštorisko Chata, where you'll find a reconstructed 13th-century monastery, on yellow then red trails. From there, take the blue trail down to the Hornád River, then follow the river gorge upstream to return to Podlesok.

One of the shortest, dramatic, technical-assist hikes starts at Biele Vody (15 minutes northeast of Dedinky via the red trail) and follows the green trail up Zejmarská Gorge . The physically fit can clamber up in 50 minutes. To get back, you can follow the green trail down to Dedinky, or there's a chairlift that works sporadically.

The best viewpoint is at Medvedia Hlava in the east of the park. Slovenský Raj's forested gorges lie in one direction, the jagged teeth of the High Tatras in the other. Access it via a 4½ hour hike from Spisšká Nová Ves tourist information centre.