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Slovenský Raj & Around

Introducing Slovenský Raj & Around

With rumbling waterfalls, sheer gorges and dense forests, Slovenský Raj lives up to the name of 'Slovak Paradise'. A few easier trails exist, but the one-way ladder-and-chain ascents make this a national park for the passionately outdoorsy. You cling to metal rungs headed up a precipice while an icy waterfall sprays you from a metre away: pure exhilaration.

The nearest major town is uninspiring Spišská Nová Ves, 23km southeast of Poprad. Of the three trailhead resort villages, Podlesok, outside Hrabušice (16km southwest of Poprad), is our favourite – for its variety of hiking options and diverse lodging possibilities. Pretty Čingov, 5km west of Spišská Nová Ves, also has good lodgings. About 50km south, Dedinky is more a regular village with a pub and supermarket fronting a lake.