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Getting there & away

Sky Europe (NE; 02-4850 4850 reservations; www.skyeurope.com) flies between London Stansted and the Poprad-Tatry International Airport (TAT; 776 3875; www.airport-poprad.sk; Na Letisko 100) on Wednesday and Saturday. Bus 12 takes you the 5km from the airport to Poprad city centre. ČSA (OK; 678 2490; www.czechairlines.com) runs a two-hour bus service from Poprad-Tatry airport to Košice, in conjunction with flights to Prague (billed as one ticket, from 5042Sk).

For longer land distances in the region, trains are your best bet. Up to 11 fast trains a day run to Bratislava (420Sk, five hours) and Košice (154Sk, 1½ hours). Night trains connect Poprad with Brno (679Sk, 7½ hours) and Prague (1180Sk, nine hours), plus 174Sk for a sleeper supplement.

On Thursday and Saturday mornings (currently at 6am) a bus goes directly to Zakopane (300Sk, 2¼ hours). Otherwise, you can take a bus from Poprad to Tatranská Javorina, Lysá Poľana stop (58Sk, 1¼ hours, four daily), near the Polish border. Walk across to the buses waiting to take you to Zakopane.