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Sint Eustatius

Getting around

Statia has no buses so renting a car is useful if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the island (which can easily be done in a day). If you’re staying in Oranjestad, you won’t need a car for most of your stay, but expect to do some serious walking, as the town is somewhat spread out. Hiking enthusiasts can easily access the trail up into the Quill from the center of Oranjestad by foot.

Car & motorcycle

Driving is on the right side of the road. Road conditions are spotty outside of Oranjestad and the road to the Miriam C Schmidt Botanical Gardens can be impassable after rain. Watch out for roaming goats, cows and chickens all over the island, even in town. Also keep an eye out for surprise one-way streets – they tend to appear out of nowhere and the locals can get very upset if you’re heading the wrong way.

Little Statia has a ridiculous number of car rental agencies, including the following lot. Figure around US$35 per day, although deals are usually negotiable for weekly rates and such. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

ARC Car & Jeep Rental (318-2595; arcagency@megatropic.com) Rates between US$35 and US$45. All major credit cards accepted.

Brown’s Car Rental (318-2266) Vans available for US$50. MasterCard accepted.

Rainbow Car Rental (318-2811; raintour@goldenrock.net; booth at airport) Rates from US$40.

Reddy Car Rental (524-2342)Rates from US$35 including tax and insurance.

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Local transport


The island’s taxis congregate at the airport after flights arrive. If you’re looking for a cab, ask a local to call one, or they’ll just give you a lift. You can also try the dispatch line (318-2205) Figure US$5 per person per trip.

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