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Lonely Planet review

Looming large over the rest of the island, the lone photogenic peak, known as the Quill (whose name is derived from the Dutch word kwil, meaning pit or hole), spikes high above the rolling terrain below. The once-active volcano now lies perfectly quiet and makes for a fantastic hiking day trip. Follow the markers deep down into the interior crater and witness a thriving rain forest–like environment stocked with dripping foliage and skyscraping trees that are several centuries old.

The Quill, and its surrounding slopes, was designated a national park in May 1998. The trail leading up the mountain begins at the end of Rosemary Laan in Oranjestad and it takes about 50 minutes to reach the edge of the crater. From there you can continue in either direction along the rim. The trail to the right (southeast) takes about 45 minutes and ends atop the 600m-high Mazinga, Statia’s highest point. The shorter Panorama Track to the left offers great views and takes only about 15 minutes. A third option is the track leading down into the crater, where there’s a thick jungle of tall trees, some with huge buttressed trunks. This steep track, which takes about an hour each way, can be very slippery, so sturdy shoes are essential.