Mt Bintumani

Mt Bintumani information

Sierra Leone
Loma Mountains Forest Reserve, N Sierra Leone
Getting there
Taxi: from Kabala
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Loma Mansa, as Sierra Leone's highest peak is also known, rises 1945m (6380ft). In clear weather, views from the summit are excellent. The Loma Mountains Forest Reserve protects the highland rainforest covering the lower slopes. There are several species of monkey here and you have a fair chance of seeing elephants and bongos as you approach the mountain.

In the rivers, you may be lucky enough to see pygmy hippopotamuses, dwarf crocodiles and rufous fishing-owls; all endangered species. Above 1500m (4920ft) the forest gives way to grassland where you can spot baboons, wart hogs, duikers, porcupines and even buffaloes.

The most scenic and wildlife-rich approach to the summit is from the west, either from Kabala via Koinadugu and Firawa or more commonly from Yifin village (from where it's at least a four-day walk), east of the dirt road between Kabala and Bumbuna. The western route from Kurubonla, north of Kono, can be done in two days if you move fast.

Pay your respects to the chief in either Firawa, Yifin or Kurubonla and he'll help you find a guide.