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Getting around


Local transport

By far the quickest and safest way of getting around the country is by sept-place taxi – battered Peugeots that negotiate even the most ragged routes of the country. Slightly cheaper, but infinitely less reliable are the minibuses (Ndiaga Ndiaye or grand car), carrying around 30 to 40 people. Vehicles leave from the gare routière when they’re full, and they fill up quickest in the morning, before 8am.

Taxi prices are theoretically fixed, though they’re steadily increasing as petrol prices rise, and there’s usually an extra, negotiable charge for luggage (about 10% of the bill).

The car mouride bus service (financed by the Mouride brotherhood) offers a fairly reliable, though slow, uncomfortable connection between major towns in Senegal. Book ahead of travel. In Dakar, go to the Gare Routière Pompiers (821 8585; off cnr Ave Malick Sy).

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Air Sénégal International offers daily flights from Dakar to Ziguinchor (US$71). During the high season, there are also twice-weekly flights to Cap Skiring (US$100) and, theoretically, once-weekly flights to Tambacounda and Saint-Louis, though these services can be irregular.

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