Fife coastal path or Ayrshire coastal path?

Hi there

Interested to hear from people who have walked the Fife and Ayrshire coastal paths and have a particular preference?
In the summer months, which is better for a coastal walking holiday? What are the major differences, weather, landscape, history, towns and highlights etc...

We are confident walkers after a Scottish experience that will wow, but don't want to be drowning among the crowds of tourists. Thanks in advance!


4 - 5 Days in Scotland


My friend and I will be backpacking from a host's accommodation in Brussels before taking a flight towards Edinburgh airport on the 19th November before 20:00hours upon arrival.

As much as my friend wants to explore Edinburgh castle and other sights in Edinburgh, I do have secured accommodation at my relative's house in Glasgow Brewland Street, to stay as long as we want.

Question(s): What might be the most cost-effective way to getting from Brewland Street from Edinburgh airport…


what would YOU do with 6 weeks?

Hello! I have a month to six weeks to spend in Scotland next summer (July/August). I currently have only 2-3 weeks planned. The first 5-7 days will be spent in Edinburgh, for no other reason that I really love the city. No clue what I'll do there yet... The last 10-14 days will be spent with my husband (who can't take off enough time from work). It will be his first trip to Scotland so we'll probably spend a few days driving or taking the train here or there.

For the remaining time I had…


living in Scotland

Hello! I'm currently planning to spend about 6 weeks in Scotland next summer, but this short trip is simply to quench some of my thirst for living there. :) I missed out on spending a year there with a Working Holiday Visa and now regret not doing it when I had the chance. My husband and I are Canadians in our early 30s. I'm a Montessori teacher (I have an internationally recognized diploma) and he's a student and landscaper, studying both criminology (for potential police work) and also to be…


Hogmanay Tickets - street party or concert in the gardens?

Looking for some advice from people who have been to Edinburgh for New Years before!

Me and a friend have booked hotel and flights to Edinburgh for a few days over New Year and now need to book tickets for New Year's Eve but are unsure whether to get street party or concert in the gardens tickets... which is better?

And any other must see/dos in Edinburgh over the few days we're there?



Scotland - visiting the homeland


Despite my deep Scottish heritage (I am a Douglas and a Crawford) I have never visited Caledonia - but we aim to correct this early next year (April-May is being considered). We are very flexible on tour length, budget, and (at this stage) dates, at least until we settle some airfares, a cruise on the Med, and other trivia.

Now - as a 50,000+ poster (primarily on the Australian and North American branches), I am certainly not asking for an ideal itinerary out of the blue, however I do have…


Looking for an island in Scotland to spend a month

I'm planning a trip to Scotland for next summer. I'm a teacher and get almost two months off during July and August. My plan is to leave July 9 and head back August 20 (give or take). I'd like to spend the first week in and around Edinburgh, as well as the last week or two (when my husband will be flying out to join me).

But in between those times, I'll have about 3-4 weeks to spend elsewhere. I'm looking to go somewhere with a hostel/guest house/B&B that isn't "party" oriented (I'm in my…


Scotland Itinerary

Thanks for being here! My girlfriend and I have an itinerary for the first half of our Scotland-Ireland trip departing about the second week of June. Here Tis: What think you? ;-)

2 days/2 nts: Train or drive to Speyside (Cairgorm)
2 days/2 nts: Orkney Islands
2 days/nts: The Isle of Skye.
2 days/nts: The Jacobite Steam Train from Mallaig to Fort William; explore Highlands
2 days/nts: Train to kintyre peninsula, walk or bike Kintyre Way, and take ferry from Campbeltown to…


CODE Hostel Edinburgh

Found a new gem of a hostel in the heart of Edinburgh. Awesome rooftop terrace with an indoor and outdoor area to suit any weather. The bathrooms are modern and super clean.Right next to an awesome pub that used to be a bank.


4 week car trip

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning a four-week adventure to Scotland in September and possibly the beginning of October2015. Scotland is number one on my destination bucket list. My husband and I are in our mid 60’s. Our primary objectives would be to see natural scenic beauty, take up to 6-8 km day hikes, explore castle’s and abby’s, enjoy traditional music, take in an Highland Festival (Braemar, Pitlochry, or Invercharron), relax and enjoy the culture and people, and…