Arnol Blackhouse

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adult/child £4.50/2.70
Opening hours
9.30am-5.30pm Mon-Sat Apr-Sep, to 4.30pm Oct-Mar
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One of Scotland’s most evocative historic buildings, the Arnol Blackhouse is not so much a museum as a perfectly preserved fragment of a lost world. Built in 1885, this traditional blackhouse – a combined byre, barn and home – was inhabited until 1964 and has not been changed since the last inhabitant moved out.

The staff faithfully rekindle the central peat fire every morning so you can experience the distinctive peat-reek; there’s no chimney, and the smoke finds its own way out through the turf roof, windows and door – spend too long inside and you might feel like you’ve been kippered! The museum is just off the A858, about 3 miles west of Barvas.