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Al-Hofuf/Saudi Arabia

Introducing Al-Hofuf

Al-Hofuf (also known as Al-Hasa and Al-Ahsa) is for most the highlight of any visit to the Eastern Province. The Al-Hasa Oasis, of which Al-Hofuf is a part, is believed to form the largest oasis in the world. The palm trees (over three million of them) seem to march in all directions and produce no less than half a million tons of dates a year. As an ancient caravan stop, it’s not hard to imagine the relief and joy felt by travellers upon arrival after days of desert travel.

The Al-Hofuf area has a rich historical and cultural tradition which warrants a deeper exploration, if you have the time. A couple of the hotels do excellent guided tours of the area’s surrounding attractions.

Al-Hofuf is also believed to hold the Kingdom’s largest reserves of undrilled oil.