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Flights to Saba

The best price found from United States to Saba is on September 2nd, 2016, travelling with . See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Dulles
from $630.00
Saba Island

Getting around by air

Landing at Saba’s Juancho E Yrausquin Airport is the second-most thrilling activity undertaken on Saba. The first is taking off – the runway doesn’t end with a comfy grassy meadow or even a fence, but at a sheer cliff. Don’t worry, though: your pilot must pass a test every month to be able to fly in and out of Saba.

Currently, the only airline flying into Saba is Winair. It has five 15-minute flights a day to and from St-Martin/Sint Maarten, as well as a daily flight to and from Sint Eustatius. We strongly recommend having your accommodations or dive outfit call ahead to confirm your flight. Instant flight cancellations and seat changes are known to happen. Also, pack a small overnight kit in your carry-on luggage in case of lost luggage or delayed arrival of bags.

Departure tax to St-Martin/Sint Maarten is US$5.