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Getting around

There is no bus service on Saba. Most travelers hitchhike, walk or use taxis. Those who prefer walking should get well acquainted with the dirt trails, as they are significantly faster at getting you from point A to point B than following the road.

Car & motorcycle

Renting a vehicle on relaxing Saba will only give you grief. Lifelong residents won’t even attempt some driveways (Willard’s of Saba is especially notorious). The only two roads are narrow, steep and winding, with tight corners, and driving is difficult in just about every way. The island’s sole gas station (416-3272; 8am-2:45pm Mon-Sat) is located in Fort Bay.


OK, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Caja’s Car Rental (416-2388; takijah77@hotmail.com; the Bottom) rents cars for about US$50 a day.

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Local transport


There is no central taxi dispatch number on Saba, but prices have been set in stone to prevent overcharging (although some drivers will still try to sneak a couple extra bucks out of you). There is an additional US$1 for transporting luggage. Your hotel or restaurant can arrange a cab; ask for Peddy.

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