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1. Some destinations visited on this trip do not have consulates in Australia and New Zealand. Please see Visa section of the Trip Notes for more information and allow sufficient time to obtain your visas prior to travel. 2. A scanned copy of the personal details page of your passport is required at time of booking in order for us to purchase your train tickets and obtain your Letter of Invitation for visa applications


Reveal the mysteries and magic of the Silk Road, Visit important settlements along this ancient trade route, Delve into the multicultural heart of Tashkent, Hike amid breathtaking natural beauty in Ugam Chatkal National Park, Visit a graveyard of rusting ships in Aralsk, Crawl into Stalin’s bunker in Samara, Relax aboard a cruise along the scenic Volga River, Explore iconic Moscow sites such as the Kremlin and the Armoury

Tour description provided by Intrepid

Welcome to the greatest and most ancient of all trade routes - the Silk Road. For hundreds of years, merchants travelled in caravans of horses and camels, carting their exquisite silks, heady spices, highly prized gems, fragrant teas and other exotic goods. Moving from town to town along this route from Asia to Europe through the Middle East, they traded not only their wares, but ideas, cultures and technologies, and forever changed the relationship between East and West. Reveal the mysteries and colours of the Silk Road by travelling in the footsteps of these merchants across Central Asia on this incredible tour. From multicultural Tashkent to beguiling Samara and magnificent Moscow, this magical adventure through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia will transport you back in time.


Day 1 Tashkent
One of the largest cities in Central Asia, Tashkent is a mix of Russian and Uzbek styles, where extravagant mosques sit alongside modern highways and Soviet monuments.
Days 2-3 Samarkand
One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Samarkand is perhaps the most evocative of the Silk Road cities with its decorative domes and many beautiful buildings.
Day 4 Shakhrisabz
Founded over 2,700 years ago, Shakhrisabz is an ancient city rich in impressive architectural sites and colourful people.
Days 5-7 Bukhara
Bukhara, a beautifully preserved Central Asian city, is a joy to get lost within and provides a glimpse into life before Soviet domination.
Days 8-9 Aksu-Zhabagly National Park
Today we head into Kazakhstan to the gorgeous Aksu-Dzhabagly Nature Reserve, the oldest national park in Central Asia. Enjoy short hikes through this unspolit area and stay with a local family in the Zhabagly Village.
Day 10 Turkistan
Stop at the ruins of Otrar on the way to Turkistan, a captivating city with a wealth of history and culture.
Days 11-12 Aralsk
A major fishing port on the Aral Sea before it was drained by Soviet irrigation projects, Aralsk has limited infrastructure but friendly locals ready to share their homes and stories.
Days 13-15 Samara
In Soviet times Samara was a closed city due mainly to its role as a backup capital, today it's a big city with pleasant historical centre by the Volga River.
Days 16-18 Moscow
Whether it's awe-inspiring history, iconic architecture, edgy creative centres or stylish bars and cafes, Moscow delivers on so many levels with a surprise around every corner.