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Tsarskoe Selo & Pavlovsk

Getting there & away

Marshrutky (R25, 30 minutes) regularly shuttle to both Pushkin and Pavlovsk from outside metro Moskovskaya.

Infrequent suburban trains run from St Petersburg's Vitebsk station. For Tsarskoe Selo get off at Detskoe Selo station (R21), and for Pavlovsk (R28) at Pavlovsk station. It's about half an hour to either place.

From Detskoe Selo station marshrutky (R10, 5 minutes) frequently run the couple of kilometres to Tsarskoe Selo; many continue on to Pavlovsk station (for entry to the park) and to the front of Pavlovsk's palace. Walking at least one way across the park at Pavlovsk is recommended.

Tsarskoe Selo & Pavlovsk