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Getting there & away




The main bus station(229 9518, 229 4881; ul 8 Marta 145) is 3km south of the city centre. This is the place to catch buses to Chelyabinsk (R160, three hours, 10 daily). Buses to Alapaevsk (R110, three hours, three daily) and Verkhoturie (R216, five hours, daily) are more likely to leave from the northern bus station(353 8166, Vokzalnaya ul 15) near the train station.


Yekaterinburg - sometimes still 'Sverdlovsk' on timetables - is a major rail junction with connections to all stops on the trans- Siberian route. Trains to/from Moscow go frequently, but the most comfortable one is the Ural (R2050, 26 hours, daily). All trains to Moscow stop at either Perm (R650, seven hours) or Kazan (R1275, 15 hours). Heading east, the next major stops are Omsk (R1200, 12 hours) and Novosibirsk (R1280, 21 hours). You can buy tickets at outlets throughout the city, including the convenient Railway and Air Kassa (371 0400; ul Malysheva 31; 7am-9pm).

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The main airport is Koltsovo (226 8909, 264 4202), 15km southeast of the city centre. Flights go three times a day to/from Moscow (R6000, 2½ hours).

Flights leave almost daily for Irkutsk (R7500, four hours), Novosibirsk (R5200, two hours), Samara (R4000, two hours), St Petersburg (R6000, 2½ hours) and Vladivostok (R13, 000, 11 hours). Flights go less frequently to Baku, Khabarovsk, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody, Odesa, Rostov, Saratov, Sochi, Tashkent, Volgograd and Yerevan. Note that some of these flights are operated by Urals Airlines, which has a poor record for safety violations (including seven emergency landings in 2004!). A US consulate advisory warns against flying on any Urals Airlines flights until this record improves.

Several airlines operate direct flights to Europe, two or three times a week: Lufthansa (264 7771; €400 return) flies to Frankfurt; British Airways(264 4216; €500 return) to London; and Czech Airlines (264 4214) flies directly to Prague. Transaero City Centre (365 9165; pr Lenina 50) handles bookings for all airlines.

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