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Siberia. Impossibly cold, right? Well not necessarily. In some years February can dip to -50°C, which is too cold to do anything. However, March is arguably the best time to visit Siberia, with temperatures oscillating between -5°C and -25°C. On windless, sunny days the latter can even feel pleasant; the snow is crisp underfoot and you'll feel comfy if you're properly wrapped up in good ski wear and gloves. March is great for driving across frozen rivers and even Lake Baikal. There's not really any spring. One day it's suddenly 10°C and the compacted blackened snow on the city pavements melts into slush. All those ski clothes soon feel far too warm and by midsummer temperatures can top a sweaty 35°C. Air is obviously cooler and fresh in the Altai or Sayan Mountains though rain there is always possible. In the brief autumn, colours can be beautiful but the seasonal transition is similarly abrupt, albeit with some false starts.