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Lonely Planet review

Within the tower-studded 18th-century walls of the kremlin are the intriguing but disused Trading Arches (Гостиный двор) and the glorious 1686 St Sofia Cathedral (Софийский собор). Less eye-catching from the outside, but with splendid arched ceiling murals, is the 1746 Intercession Cathedral (Покровский собор). Between the two is a 1799 bell tower , built for the Uglich bell, which famously signalled a revolt against Tsar Boris Godunov. The revolt failed; in a mad fury, Godunov ordered the bell to be publicly flogged, detongued and banished to Tobolsk for its treacherous tolling. A tatty copy of the bell is displayed in the Museum of the Spiritual Cultures of Western Siberia , an otherwise entertaining museum within the elegant Arkhiereysky mansion (Архиерейский дом).