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Getting there & away

There's no railway but a booth (9am-1pm & 2-5pm) within the bus station sells train tickets.

Buses run to Barnaul (R200, five hours, seven daily) and Biysk (R65, two hours, eight daily), and serve most Altai Republic villages at least daily including Tyungur (R403, 2.20pm) and Onguday (3.30pm). Timetabled minibuses for Ulagan and Kosh-Agach (both 7.10am, via Aktash) don't run on Tuesday or Saturday. If passenger numbers are low, only one of these buses runs so you might not get beyond Aktash (R265, seven hours).

Private alternatives leave until mid- morning according to demand. Much faster shared taxis usually cost 70% more than buses but can be hard to differentiate from private taxis.