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Getting there & away




From the bus station (ul Shevchenko) several day and night buses serve Krasnoyarsk (R215, 6½ to nine hours) via Divnogorsk. Others run frequently to Sayanogorsk (R55, 1¼ hours), eight times daily to Shushenskoe (R50, 1¾ hours), five daily to Yermakovskoe (R77, two hours), hourly to Abaza (R100 to R130, 3½ hours) via Askiz and to Kuragino (R56, 2½ hours) at 1.40pm, 3.20pm and 5.30pm.

Road transport for Tuva leaves from the Mezhgorod Taxi Booth (37888) outside the train station. For Kyzyl, snail-paced, wheezing buses (R280, nine to 11 hours) depart at 7.30am, noon and 7pm daily. Shared taxis ask between R600 and R800 per seat and will collect you from your hotel if you book ahead. No extra charge. To Ak- Dovurak there are no buses and shared taxis are rare.


To Krasnoyarsk, overnight train 124 (R696, 10½ hours) is the best of three alternatives. Train 695 to Novokuznetsk (R504, 10 hours) is handy if you're heading to Altai. The daily Khakassia to Moscow's Yaroslavsky vokzal (R3800, 73 hours) runs via Novosibirsk (24 hours) and Yekaterinburg (46 hours).

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Abakan's airport is 2km northwest of the city. Vladivostok Airlines (www.vladavia.ru) links Moscow (R8350) and Vladivostok (R7920) via Abakan with connections including Barnaul (R1710, Tuesday and Sunday) and Tomsk (R1530, Monday and Thursday). There's also a Thursday hop to Kyzyl (R1690). Buy tickets from the Aviakassa (38363; ul Chertygasheva 104; 8am-7pm Mon-Fri, to 6pm Sat & Sun).

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