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Getting there & away

There are daily flights to Moscow Vnukovo (R4030). A taxi to the airport is R70.

Buses from the bus station (915 923; ul Gagarina 124) serve Pyatigorsk (R70, 2½ hours, 11 buses daily), Kislovodsk (R75, 2½ hours, 1.10am, 10.40am and 5.05pm) and Mineralnye Vody (R75, 2½ hours, five daily).

From the train station (774 110; ul Osetinskaya) an elektrichka runs to Mineralnye Vody (R42, 3¾ hours, 7.16am). Train 41 to Moscow (R2100, 38 hours, 3.25pm) passes through Rostov (R900, 13 hours) and a section splits off to Sochi (R950, 16½ hours).