FSB Museum

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Moscow , Russia
ul Bolshaya Lubyanka 12/1
+7 495 224 1982
Getting there
Metro: Lubyanka
Opening hours
by appointment
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It calls itself the FSB Museum, named for the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB. But this four-room museum is devoted to the history, propaganda and paraphernalia of the Soviet intelligence services, from the Cheka to the KGB (you won’t find much in-depth info on the operations of the current security service!). An FSB agent leads a small group, room by room, recounting Cold War–era espionage anecdotes. Exhibits include a few fun spy tools, but nothing to really impress a technologically advanced audience. The museum was closed for renovation at the time of research, with the close-lipped security service giving no indication of when it might reopen. Even under normal circumstances, security at this place is supertight, and it is open only by appointment.