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Round the world travel

Round the world travel

In for the long haul? Start stuffing that backpack.

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On the waterfront, Lake Namtso, Tibet

Story behind the picture

“I went to Tibet at the end of a three-week trip travelling across China by train. After a short stay in Lhasa, we made the four-hour drive to Lake Namtso. The lake was stunning – 4,700 metres above sea level with dramatic snowcapped mountains in the background. The incredible scenery justified the importance the Tibetan people place on this vast expanse of salt water. There were many local people with their yaks by the lake and I managed to quickly catch this man as he moved into a perfect position. Yaks are hugely significant in Tibet so I liked the fact that I could photograph one by this sacred lake. Tibet was the highlight of my trip – if the altitude doesn’t take your breath away, the scenery certainly will!” We’d love to include your best new travel photos (at 300dpi) and the inspiring stories behind them. Send them with a pic of yourself to postcards@lptraveller.co.uk