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Getting there & away

About a dozen trains connect Sighişoara with Braşov (€3 to €8, two hours), nine of which (none of the slow ones) go on to Bucharest (€8 to €12, 4½ hours). Five daily trains go to Cluj-Napoca (€7.40 to €10, 3½ hours), while three passenger trains go to Odorheiu Secuiesc (€1, 1¾ hours).

You’ll need to change trains in Mediaş to reach Sibiu (€1.85, 2½ hours), but the four daily trains are timed for easy transfers. Three daily trains go to Budapest (€38, nine hours), and the night train has a sleeper (from €50).

Buy tickets at the train station (771 886), which is a shambles, or at the central Agenţie de Voiaj CFR (771 820; Str Goga 6a; 8am-3pm Mon-Fri).

Next to the train station on Str Libertăţii, the bus station (771 260) sends buses of various size and colour to Bistriţa (€4.30, three hours, three daily), Budapest (€20, eight hours, two weekly), Făgăraş (€3.40, three hours, one daily), Odorheiu Secuiesc (€1.75, 2½ hours, one daily) and Sibiu (€3.50, 2½ hours, five daily). Maxitaxis pass by every couple of hours for Târgu Mureş (1½ hours) and Braşov (2½ hours). There are regular services to Daneş and Mediaş.