Clock Tower

Clock Tower information

Sighişoara , Romania
Piaţa Muzeului 1
+40 265 771 108
adult/child 12/3 lei
Opening hours
9am-6.30pm Tue-Fri, 10am-5.30pm Sat & Sun
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The symbol of the town is this magnificent medieval clock tower, built in the 14th century and expanded 200 years later. It originally housed the town council, but these days it's purely decorative. The clock and figurines were added in the 17th century. The figurines represent different medieval characters, including Peace, Justice and Law, as well as those representing Day and Night.

The tower houses a history museum , which affords access to the viewing platform on the upper floor. The museum is hard to follow (English signage is spotty), but there's a small exhibition on local hero and physicist Hermann Oberth. A couple floors up you can see the clock’s famed figures, as well as the clanking innards of the clock behind them.