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Eforie Nord/Romania

Introducing Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord, 14km south of Constanţa, is the first large resort south of the city. Beaches are below 10m to 20m cliffs and are as crowded as in Mamaia. Tiny Lake Belona, behind the southern end of the beach, is another bathing spot.

Within walking distance of the town centre is Lake Techirghiol, famous for its black sapropel mud, effective against rheumatism. Its waters are five times saltier than the sea (with 80g of mineral salt per litre; tekir is the Turkish word for ‘salt’). The small town gets uncomfortably crowded throughout the summer, packed with restaurants, discos and thousands of revellers. However, the choice of accommodation is more varied than in Mamaia.

Eforie Sud, 4km south of Eforie Nord, is a more run-down (ie cheaper) version of its northern sister, but both have been privy to a €2.8 billion rejuvenation project, which will see building and beautifying works continuing through to 2011.