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St-Benoît & Around

Introducing St-Benoît & Around

Sugar-cane fields, lychee and mango orchards, rice, spices, coffee… Great carpets of deep-green felt seem to have been draped over the lower hills that surround St-Benoît, a major agricultural and fishing centre.

Bar a few impressive religious buildings – a mosque, a church and a Tamil temple on the outskirts of town – no one can accuse St-Benoît of being overburdened with tourist sights. The area's best features lie elsewhere; turn your attention from the coast and plant it firmly on the cooler recesses of the hills and valleys to the west. The Rivière des Marsouins valley in particular is a delight, with its plunging waterfalls and luxuriant vegetation. Small wonder that Réunion's best white water is found here.