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Working and volunteering


As a relatively rich country in close geographic and economic proximity to the United States, Puerto Rico offers limited opportunities for volunteering.

Rainforest management The Earthwatch Institute (www.eyeontherainforest.org) partners with Las Casas de la Selva to run one- to three-week research missions to the Bosque Estatal de Carite, where participants learn forest management skills and aid in the rejuvenation of the tropical rainforest. Volunteers stay in tents in the Casas de la Selva complex inside the park and spend their time planting seedlings, studying trees and monitoring local frog populations. Some of the trips are family friendly.

Turtle watching The US Fish and Wildlife Refuge runs a volunteer turtle watch on Culebra's Playa Brava during nesting season. You can access this project through Coralations (www.coralations.org), a nonprofit organization that is involved in coral reef protection.

Wildlife protection The Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust accepts volunteers for a wide variety of projects, including assisting with animals and reefs, maintaining a tank of rescued marine animals, and feeding animals.

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