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Puerto Rico


Temperatures in Puerto Rico are very consistent. At their coolest, daily temperatures seldom go below 73°F, and at their hottest rarely rise above 86°F.

When to go

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is mid-December through late-April. The upside of visiting at this time is the weather, which is sunny (but not too hot) and free from the threat of hurricanes. The downside is that prices get hiked up and crowds are generally heavier. Skirt the edges of the high season (ie November and May) and you could get lucky with both the weather and cut-price rates.

The Caribbean hurricane season runs from June to November, with the highest storm risk in September and October. Every year is different, however, and booking your trip around the weather can be a bit of lottery. The island’s last big whammy was Hurricane Georges in 1998.

Puerto Rico has plenty of colorful Latin festivals and you may want to arrange your trip to coincide with one of them. Other travelers, on the other hand, may prefer to dodge the crowds. Either way, be sure to plan ahead. Puerto Rico has a rather old-fashioned approach to national holidays, with businesses shutting down completely and the whole country seemingly grinding to a halt. Easter and Christmas are good times to avoid if you can’t bear the inconvenience of closed shops and ghostly town centers. Beware also the months of January and July which both have four official holidays.