Casa Blanca

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San Juan & Around , Puerto Rico
San Sebastián
+1 787 725 1454
adult/child $2/1
Opening hours
8:30am-4:20pm Tue-Sat
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First constructed in 1524 as a residence for Puerto Rico’s pioneering governor, Juan Ponce de León (who died before he could move in), the Casa Blanca is the oldest continuously occupied house in the western hemisphere.

For the first 250 years after its construction it served as the ancestral home for the de León family. In 1783 it was taken over by the Spanish military, then with the change of Puerto Rico’s political status in 1898, it provided a base for US military commanders until 1966. Today it is a historic monument containing a museum, a chain of fountains and an Alhambra-style courtyard. The interior rooms are decked out with artifacts from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Parts of the secluded grounds look like a fragment of tropical rainforest.