Isla Culebrita

Isla Culebrita information

Culebra , Puerto Rico
1mi E of Playa Zoni
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If you need a reason to rent a kayak or hire a water taxi, Isla Culebrita is it. This small island, just a mile east of Playa Zoni, is part of the wildlife refuge. With its abandoned lighthouse, six beaches, tide pools, reefs and nesting areas for seabirds, Isla Culebrita has changed little in the past 500 years. The north beaches, such as the long crescent of Playa Tortuga, are popular nesting grounds for sea turtle, and you may see these animals swimming near the reefs just offshore.

Bring a lot of water, sunscreen, a shirt and a hat if you head for Isla Culebrita, because there is little shade here. The Isla is also home to a ruined lighthouse earmarked for extensive repairs.