Mirador La Piedra Degetau

Mirador La Piedra Degetau information

This nest of boulders crests a hilltop alongside the Ruta Panorámica (Hwy 7718 here) at Km 0.7, just south of Aibonito. Once the ‘thinking place’ of Ponce-born writer Federico Degetau y González, this must have been a truly sublime place in its day, with its views of the mountains, the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

On a clear evening you can actually see cruise ships leaving San Juan more than 20 miles to the north and the lights of Ponce glowing to the south.

Sadly, a lookout tower (that dwarfs the actual rocks), myriad picnic shelters, a playground and a paved parking lot hinder the lyrical ruminations of potential poets today. It’s still an awe-inspiring view, but one can’t help feeling that Degetau must be turning in his grave.